Escape from the Mall Game

SKU: 137065

It's time to dust off those legwarmers and backcomb that hair as you kick your brains into high gear with this immersive 80's-themed mini escape room puzzle game! Getting locked in the mall may sound like every teenager’s dream, but with the lights out and no one else around, things can turn a little creepy. With four different challenges to complete to gain clues to the location of the correct exit, will you be able to make it out without any food court freak-outs or dressing room disasters? Box contains: 4 puzzle envelopes, mall map, instructions and exit booklet. Escape from the Mall is perfect for the whole family to play on game night. Please note, this is game is designed to be a one-time play experience. Suitable for ages 12 and up, 1-4 players, game play is approximately 45 minutes.

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