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UP-UP Original Dark Chocolate Bar

SKU: 153435

UP-UP Plain Dark is an inspiring dark chocolate Single Estate 50% cacao content made with fine flavor cocoa beans from a single farm called "El Rosario" located in the Necocli region on the north-eastern coast of Columbia. This bar is characterized by the distinctive cacao notes with the perfect balance between sweetness and bitter tones, followed by nutty flavors that remind us of caramelized roasted hazelnuts, finishing with hints of dried fruit and citric acid aftertaste. This large 4.6 ounce bar is suitable for vegans and is made in Scotland.

UP-UP is the world's first certified slave-free chocolate! Together with and certified by slavefreetrade, a Geneva-based NGO, they are turning the chocolate industry upside down for good. With their short supply chain (farm, processing site, factory), they're able to control all aspects of production to ensure all are fair and honest, from the way each individual is treated to the way they are paid.

Ingredients: sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, emulsifier (sunflower lecithin) and vanilla extract