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The Oceans Atlas

SKU: 9780744069693

Delve beneath the world’s oceans to discover their physical features, wildlife, and threats to their future.

How do waves form? Where is the deepest part of the ocean? What is a black smoker? What would the ocean floor look like without water? What lives in a coral reef? If you find yourself seeking the answers to these questions, then this may be the book for you!

Introducing The Oceans Atlas – a beautifully illustrated guide to Earth’s oceans for kids aged 9-12. Explore key features of the oceans from seafloor to surf, including tides and trenches, currents and coastline, volcanoes and vents. Discover the variety of marine life from the biggest sharks and whales to the tiniest invertebrates and polyps. Find out the human impact on our seas and how we can create a healthier and cleaner future.

Dive straight into this ocean book for kids, offering: 

– An illustrated guide to the innermost depths of our oceans that shows details not visible in photographs.
– A variety of maps from seafloor topography and cross-sections to shipping routes and ocean resources.  
– Original and retro-feel illustration style combined with modern fonts which creates a different approach compared to photographic or CGI-based books.

From coral reefs to hazardous seas, The Oceans Atlas is an engaging, fact-packed guide for children aged 9–12, especially those interested in natural science, geography, or ecology. So whether you’re a budding young geographer, or a teacher looking for an engaging resource to use in your classroom, this oceans encyclopedia is full of fascinating facts to impress young readers time and time again.

Hardcover, 64 pages, by DK Publishing, measures 9.25 x 12.12 x 0.43 inches, suitable for ages 8 and up.