Malbec Insulated Canvas & Willow Wine Bottle Basket

SKU: 147179

Don't carry your wine by hand any longer and stop using grocery bags. Bring your wine to the next party in this lovely Malbec Wine Tote! Rest assured with this gorgeous wine tote your bottle will arrive to its destination safe and chilled. This is the wine tote of wine totes, and the perfect compliment to any outing you find yourself on.

The hands-free shoulder strap allows you to carry a bottle with ease. Bag measures 5.25 x 5.25 x 13 inches. Basket is made from steamed willow and navy blue & white striped canvas, fully insulated to keep your bottle cold. Bottle of wine not included.

Care Instructions: surface wash with a damp cloth only, spot clean, do not immerse in water, dry immediately.

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