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Spark Success 50 Ways to Thrive and Achieve

SKU: 9781452182971

Your dreams are within reach! Spark success in all your pursuits with these 50 faux decorative matchsticks featuring prompts that will help you dream big, aim high and accomplish your goals, whatever they may be. Everyone's version of success will be different. Whether it's advancing in your career, attaining a big life goal, or starting fresh in a new endeavor, the prompts inside the box offer easy ways to find your own personal success—anytime and anywhere. 

Sample prompts include:
When have you felt most successful? Recreate those conditions.
Be brave: Ask for something, even if you think you won't get it.
Create a vision board that depicts the life of your dreams.
Try doing the most challenging thing first rather than the easy one.

Perfect for grads, people in job transitions, entrepreneurial spirits or creative types.