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Grateful Garden Large Leaf Basil Seeds

SKU: 153617

From a single flower to an entire field, no garden is too small to support our sweet friends! Large Leaf Basil plants bring birds, bees and butterflies into your own backyard. Not only will you enjoy your beautiful blooms, but you'll provide food and habitat to local pollinators all season long.

Basil is known for its aromatic fragrance and flavor. Fresh, tender leaves are a key ingredient in a simple caprese salad, pesto and many pasta dishes. Use dry leaves to season sauces, soups and more. Allow a few plants to bloom, bees drink up the delicate white flowers. 

Growing notes: Plant outdoors when the ground is warm or transplant 6 week old seedlings started indoors. Prune after the plant has produced its first six leaves by cutting the stem above the second set of leaves. Repeat every time a branch has 6-8 leaves.

Planting instructions: plant 2-3 seeds, 1 inch apart, 0.25 inches deep; best in full sun; seedlings emerge in 5-10 days; thin 4-8 inches apart; blooms in late summer and fall.

Packet measures 3.25 x 5 inches and contains 2 grams of seeds. All Anellabees seeds are untreated and open-pollinated, from small family farms in the USA.