Kinfield Daily Dew Facial Moisturizer Sunscreen SPF35

SKU: 148595

Daily moisturizer, meet sport-ready sunscreen.

Daily Dew blends in like a dream to hydrate skin with sea kelp, while keeping your face protected with 100% mineral, broad-spectrum SPF 35. It's also water-resistant, so it won't streak or melt even on the hottest summer days (looking at you, 100 degree temps). Oh, and it smells good. Like, "Mediterranean vacation" good.

This hybrid of a hydrating daily SPF and a sport-ready sunscreen is made for every day, ready for any adventure. It's a blendable mineral sunscreen that's great for sensitive skin, won't streak when you sweat, and leaves skin feeling dewy and bouncy. Made in the USA, 2 ounce tube.

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