Chillhouse Have a Chill Day Face Oil

SKU: 145570

A daily facial oil packed with hero ingredients like Squalane, Rosehip Oil and Pineapple Fruit Extract to give you that extra boost of AHA. Formulated to create a robust blend of Vitamins C, A, E & D while also providing bright aromatic scents. Leaving you and your skin feeling illuminated and ready to fight an array of skin woes. Bottle contains 1.7 ounces of oil. Suitable for all skin types.

Benefits include:

  • Long-lasting hydration
  • High cell turnover and restoration
  • Infuse your skin with Vitamins A, E & D from Joboba oil along with Argan oil
  • Provide anti-aging benefits
  • Leave your skin feeling calm and detoxified
  • Borage seed oil protects skin from flare-ups.

How to use:

  • Apply 1-2 pumps in the palm of your hand
  • Rub hands together to warm oil
  • We recommend a moment to inhale the aromatic qualities and set an intention for the day.
  • Gently pat oil into face until absorbed
  • Have a Chill Day!

Ingredients: Squalane / Jojoba seed oil / Camellia Oleifera seed oil / Rosehip fruit oil / Argan kernel oil / Watermelon seed oil / Vitamin C / Vitamin E / Borage seed oil / Pineapple fruit extract / Sunflower seed oil / Soy oil / Sea Buckthorn seed oil / Calabrian Bergamot peel oil / Cedarwood oil / Cinnamon leaf oil / Grapefruit peel oil / Lavender flower oil / Sweet Orange peel oil / Patchouli leaf oil

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