Duke Cannon Standard Issue Face Lotion

SKU: 129070

Every day, dirt, grease, and the elements wage a silent war on your mug, making it hard for you to put your best face forward. Hard-working folks don't have time to obsess over a fancy skin care regimen; you need a simple and straightforward defense. Standard Issue Face Lotion from Duke Cannon is formulated to provide instant, long lasting hydration while reducing excess oil and shine. It goes on smooth and lightweight without leaving a greasy residue. Fragrance free so your face doesn't smell like strawberries. Use morning and night.

  • Key Benefits: protein-complex minerals to repair dehydrated skin, apricot kernel seeds absorbs excess oil for anti-glare/matte finish, antioxidants to rehydrate and fight fatigue, one small application lasts a long time
  • 3.75 oz tube

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